Glasgow University vs Lions A

This game happened back in October. We’ve been tardy in writing the report, well the captain has anyway…he’ll be on the naughty step come Tuesday training so don’t worry. It ended up a 15-1 win for the Lions.

Having shown up late for the warm up and nearly missing the match Captain Thunder was demoted [uh, promoted in my view...] to D with David refereeing the first quarter as the referee got lost too [cheers for getting there in the end Josh]. The details of the match are pretty hazy, but despite being profligate in front of goal in the first quarter Nathan Collingwood managed to bag himself 7 goals by the end of the game, which is a Lions record! Since it’s been such a long time since the game I cannot recall who else scored. Suffice to say that the team contributed another 8 goals for the W. You can claim who scored what below…

The Lions played their most fluid lacrosse of the season, which was helped by Uni’s inability to cover the crease slide, much to the annoyance of Club Captain Jim Pate. The passing was crisp and the dodges were powerful from the ever formidable Hal Jones. Johny Shaw gave Muffin a tough time at the face-off which kept steady possession for the Lions to work with.

Lions goalie Dylan Cowman equaled Stefan Wyroslawski’s record of going 3 and 1/2 quarters without conceding before Matt Day bagged consolation goal for Uni who worked hard all day long without sufficient reward for their endeavours.  Uni had several experienced players missing, leaving a lot of the work to their senior players who had the tenacity of the Duracell bunny.

A good result and a strong showing from Lions, with a glimpse of what can be achieved if the hard work is put in to practice.

Man of the Match: ????

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  1. i was man of the match clearly with 7 haha.
    other goals, thunder got 2, so did hal and adam and keith bagged 2

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